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An email list is similar to the traditional mailing list that allows a special usage of email for widespread dispersion of information to a vast number of internet surfers. The list is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send materials to multiple recipients. This is done through the use of special mailing list software and a reflector address. Both are set up on a server capable of receiving mail. Mailing lists use multiple mailboxes so that messages can be filtered into different mailboxes and stored or processed rather than simply forwarded. For example, when a message is posted to the mailing list it is forwarded to all subscribers, but if the digest feature is enabled, the message is also sent to a digest mailbox where it is eventually processed into a digest and sent to addresses on the Digest Subscriber List.Since the primary task of a mailing list is to receive email messages and forward them to subscribers, many of the configurable rules govern the message posting process. These lists can do more than filter and post email messages. Types of email lists are listed below:-
• Announcement List and
• Discussion List
Also referred to as newsletter, the announcement list is an email list which is used in the promotional aspects employed in the various sectors as parts of direct marketing campaigns. It is one way information and can only be posted to selected people. Another type of email list is a discussion list where a subscriber uses the mailing list to send messages to all the other subscribers, who may answer in similar fashion.These are usually topic oriented and have a vast range.

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